Biden’s Deleted Pictures Leak: Spark Nationwide Outrage

GOP Wyoming Senator John Barrasso blasted the Biden administration for what he said was cramming unaccompanied children “like sardines” in buildings and “trying to hide” the problem at the border from the American public.

“This is a national security crisis and a humanitarian crisis,” Barrasso said to Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo over the weekend. “The numbers are the highest they have ever been of unaccompanied children currently in captivity. They are crammed together like sardines. And the Biden team is trying to hide this from the American people.”

Barrasso was among the Republicans who went to the border recently and recalled how he and others were told to delete pictures they had taken.

“We were ordered to remove the pictures. No one did. You have seen the footage of these kids forced together under foil.”

He also informed Bartiromo that the children are tested for covid when they leave the facility, not when they get there.

“They perform the quick test. And those who are positive are moved to one side of the courtyard, those negative are moved to the other side,” he said. “They have all been exposed, and then they are sent all around the nation. It’s a very real tragedy. And we don’t know which variant of the virus they’re carrying. But they are spreading it all through America.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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