Biden’s DOJ Targets This Red State For Daring To Fight Back

A.G. Merrick Garland has announced this week that the Biden Department of Justice will sue the state of Texas for its brand new congressional districts.

Garland unveiled the lawsuit during a media conference, saying that Texas officials are breaking Section 2 in the Voting Rights Act by forcing too many Latino and black voters into less districts to dilute their votes. The Associate A.G. Vanita Gupta said this new redistricting strategy will lower the minority voting strength caused by mass migration along with population movements.

“Today the DOJ has issued a suit against Texas for breaking Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act,” Garland said. “As the High Court has seen, a fundamental principal of our democratic system is that ‘voters will choose their representatives, not the opposite.’”

“Section 2 in the Voting Rights Act forces state voting laws, including the laws that redraw electoral maps, give eligible voters an equal opportunity to participate in the voting process and elect representatives of their liking,” he said. “The complaint we gave today says that Texas broke Section 2 by creating a redistricting program that denies or abridges the rights of black and Latino voters to vote because of their race.”

Texas added two fresh congressional districts this election cycle thanks to population growth seen on the 2020 census. Critics say that Texas lawmakers have drawn two new majority-white areas, even though the population growth seen in the state was from non-white groups, while Texas officials have defended their new maps as properly accounting for all residents.

The DOJ has also pushed a lawsuit against Texas for its new election law, Senate Bill 1. Garland also stressed recent actions taken by the DOJ in Florida and Arizona on the topic of voting rights.

Much of the new populations moving into Texas is from the mass immigration being forced into mostly white areas of the state by Democrats and RINO Republicans. On the surface it might appear to be only about getting votes, but when you understand that Europe, Canada, and Australia are also experiencing the same type of racial strategy, you start to see that it is white people being targeted and not non-whites.

Author: Blake Ambrose