Biden’s Door-To-Door Instructions Have Some Terrifying Suggestions

An alarming document has made its way out of Illinois that advises President Biden’s liberal door-to-door vaccination teams to ignore no-solicitation warning signs and downplay the side effects of vaccines.

The tipsheet is reportedly named “Door Knocking Project to Raise Coronavirus Vaccine Acceptance.” The document and video that trains the “ambassadors” on what to do when going door-to-door were given to Lake County officials in April. But only became newsworthy this week as the president announced his nationwide effort to get every Americans vaccinated against coronavirus.

The document gives numerous tips on handling people including the recommendation to “Inform, don’t try to convince,” and “Ignore no soliciting signs.”

“You are not soliciting! You’re giving critical resources and information. This is not illegal,” the tipsheet says.

Volunteers were told to fill out a spreadsheet and list who is vaccinated and which people are “not interested.” Then they are to report back their questions, and other “vital information that the Health Dept. is depending on.” Many say this is for a database that tracks vaccinations and maybe other private information too.

Former Minnesota lawmaker Michele Bachmann informed Fox News recently that Americans should beware of what is coming in terms of a database and to get ready for it.

“I’m glad that this is a topic, and I want to encourage everyone to go out and purchase ‘No Trespassing’ signs. And put them on your front doors, right by the front of your house or driveway, because the government has no business doing this. And what they are wanting is for us to let go of our civil liberties at our front door,” she said.

“And it is amazing. America is based on us having rights against the government. And they want us to forget about our Bill of Rights and say, ‘We will take it from here, we are the government.’ Because don’t allow anyone to suffer any delusions. There is a database and everyone will be in that database. And it is not only vaccine status, it will be your whole medical history. It will be linked to your finances. This will get bigger. So stop it right now, and you don’t give them any information when they come to your door,” she said.

Author: Scott Dowdy