Biden’s Employees Teach Him a Lesson He Will Never Forget

Over 50 federal employees from the United States government have come together to sue the Biden White House over covid vaccine mandates, according to legal documents.

The Federal Practice Group filed their complaint against President Biden and top officials in the United States District Court for DC on October 19 on behalf of the dozens of federal employees and submitted an amended version on October 20.

The DHS has 20 employees listed within the lawsuit, more than any other agency or department. All federal workers are coming under a November 22 deadline to be completely vaccinated, which is thought complete two weeks after a person gets their second dose of the Moderna or the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, or their first dose of the J&J shot.

“In rushing to enforce the-19 vaccinations on the federal employees, the President’s measure breaks longstanding statutory limits on inoculations with unlicensed vaccines, as well as the personal rights of government workers under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act,” the complaint says. “Accordingly, the plaintiffs who are representative of almost every Federal Agency respectfully asks for an injunctive relief halting this illegal and unneeded wide-ranging program.”

Feds for Medical Freedom, a coalition group of federal workers behind the lawsuit, requested that the court block Joe Biden’s policy from being effect next month.

“On the basis that these mandates, as implemented, are unlawful, federal workers are asking for an order that stops the mass firings of long time public servants,” Feds for Medical Freedom said on its website.

The lawsuit states that the Biden White House broke federal workers’ rights at multiple levels.

It says that Joe Biden’s early Sept. executive orders that workers get full doses of the vaccine or face firing does not allow for case review and requires the government to unlawfully ask about each person’s medical history.

The complaint also says that firing employees for a perceived disability is actually illegal.

“Communicable diseases are thought to be disabilities. Through these mandates, it is presumed that an unvaccinated person at some point will get COVID-19, a communicable disease,” the complaint says.

Author: Scott Dowdy