Biden’s “Great Worker Shortage” Turns Even More Catastrophic

Where do all the workers go? That is the great mystery that keeps being unsolved. All over the country, businesses are hiring anyone and there are “help wanted” signs being seen all over the place. But the amount of people that are really working is still close to four million under the pre-pandemic top.

What happened to these extra workers? They certainly are not unemployed, because claims for unemployment are now the lowest we have seen “in decades”. So what are they doing? It is almost as though millions of people have suddenly disappeared completely over the past two years.

Needless to say, this lack of workers is now having a huge impact on the delivery of basic services all over the nation.

For example, some of the largest banks in the United States are “temporarily” closing many branches due to not having enough staff.

Even more worrying is what staffing shortages are doing to hospitals.

Without enough qualified people, many hospitals are having a hard time giving basic services during the middle of the pandemic, and the cost of bringing in replacements has even forced some facilities into bankruptcy.

Because of the lack of nurses, any that become available are usually subject to bidding wars, and the hospitals with the largest checkbooks normally win.

Air travel is yet another industry experiencing nightmares because of severe staffing shortages.

Over the previous week, we have literally seen thousands of flights either delayed or canceled because due to a lack of employees.

What a terrible mess.

Sadly, this is one crisis that won’t be cleared up soon.

People are still dying and so worker shortages will be a major league headache through 2022 and beyond.

And undoubtedly the Democrats and RINOs will use that shortage as an excuse to flood America with millions and millions of third-worlders.

Meanwhile, what we have seen so far is only the beginning.

Our nation is in the process of being demolished, and now we have reached a point where even our most basic services are failing.

I wish that I could say that 2022 will be better, but I can’t do that, since it would not be the truth.

Author: Steven Sinclaire