Biden’s Immigration Agenda Reaches An Absurd New Level

Biden’s flooding agenda had gone to greater lows as law enforcement officials caught more illegals attempting to enter the country than any other month recorded by the DHS since it was founded in 2002.

“In May of this year, CBP found 180,034 people trying to enter along the Southwest Border,” Border Protection said in a comment. “Single adults are the majority.”

The terrible numbers for last month are a whopping 674% increase compared to May of 2020 when 23,237 illegals were caught. Last month was the worst number in over two decades.

The Trump White House turned around the problem beginning in late Fiscal Year 2019 and maintained a low number through Fiscal Year 2020. Biden’s immigration agenda has increased every month that he has been in the White House in terms of the number of illegals that are able to get through the southern border and are then allowed into the country without consequence.

Director of RNC research, Zach Parkinson stressed that these new border statistics come after VP Kamala Harris went to Central America to deal with what she and Biden claims are the root sources of the border crisis.

“Biden clearly tried to silence this,” Parkinson said. “They released it after hours while Biden is overseas and White House reporters are on a different schedule. It also conveniently occurs after Harris gets back from Mexico City and Guatemala, so she could not be asked about it while on her trip.”

“Over 38,000 children who came to the U.S. from nations south of Mexico and ventured across the border without their parents have been released into the country since President Biden became president,” The Washington Examiner said. “The number is the highest amount of children to be discharged from government custody in American history.”

Former President Trump gave his response this Wednesday concerning Biden’s ongoing problems:

“Our Border is now worse than ever before. Our Country has never seen anything so insane take place. The Biden White House stopped wall construction, have removed authority from Border Patrol, and ended policies like Remain in Mexico, Safe Third Agreements, and restarted Catch-and-Release.”

Author: Blake Ambrose