Biden’s Immigration Policies Compromise America’s Safety

A Maryland sheriff has warned Americans about the incoming dangers of President Biden’s new immigration agenda during an interview with Fox News.

“Americans should be outraged and angry,” Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, of Frederick County said to “Fox & Friends” anchor Steve Doocy.

“What Biden has done is essentially dismantled ICE, basically ordering the agents to stand down,” Jenkins stated.

The Sheriff was talking about the Biden’s new rules forcing ICE officers to perform less arrests and deportations, without taking into account the criminal background of the illegal immigrant.

“There will not be any enforcement,” Jenkins said.

Under these guidelines, illegals will no longer be deported even if they get a DUI, commit tax crimes, assault or fraud, Fox News has reported.

This new policy is claimed to be about allowing immigrants to “submit filings” to officials without fear of deportation.

Even worse, officers now need approval from the ICE director in D.C., before making any arrest, according to reports.

“These people will roam our streets without consequence,” Jenkins said.

“This will be disastrous and will impact every community in this country. This will be total lawlessness,” he said. “We must have interior enforcement and strong borders or we have nothing at all.”

The Texas state filed a lawsuit over these new guidelines, according to reports.

Democratic Texas lawmaker Henry Cuellar said to Fox News on Sunday that he called D.C. to express his concerns about the rule.

“Americans will never be safe under these rules,” Jenkins said.

“These laws will lead to many more victims of crime, including violent crime and more gangs coming into this country,” he said.

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