Biden’s Latest Press Conference Turns Into A Complete Disaster

We have seen that confusion is Biden’s normal state of being. That would be okay if he were just an old Grandpa Joe, playing with his grandkids, but not alright if he is in the highest office of the land, with the responsibility of guarding America and Americans.

Biden had his cabinet meeting this Thursday, during which he stated they would be “discussing more sanctions on Russian oligarchs, our plans to reduce costs for Americans, our unity goal and more.” You knew it would be a question — when he said “unity goal” — since he has been anything but unifying during his campaign and in his time in the White House.

Former CBS correspondent Mark Knoller said it was only Biden’s fourth meeting with his cabinet, far less than most other presidents at this time in their term.

The media was there for some of the meeting. At least until Joe Biden had a big gaffe, and then the media got thrown out.

Biden said the Russians were firing missiles “at Russian cities.”

That’s what is on your prepared notes you are reading from, Joe?

Biden cannot seem to keep the sides straight in his head. During his SOTU speech, he mentioned Ukrainians as being “Iranians.” You could even see that cringe moment when Kamala Harris, who was standing behind him, desperately said, “Ukrainians,” with “oh, my” all over her face.

Then Biden said this Thursday it was American citizens who were “confused.”

Sorry, Joe, it is not Americans who are experiencing confusion, it’s you. This is yet a continuing trend of Biden insulting Americans for not be enamored of him, telling the truth about how bad they believe he is in surveys, or questioning about his positions. As we previously said, in Nov. he said Americans were not getting it because they were having “psychological scars” due to the pandemic. Then, this past week, he indicated that people did not get what awesome work he was doing since they were “psychologically” not able to feel happy. This latest comment is another version of that same disregard for American opinion.

At some point, the White House staff came to the conclusion that nothing else could be gained with having the media there, so they throw everyone out.

“Will you ban Russian oil?” a journalist yelled, as the staff began trying to shove them out of the room.

“He said No! Now let’s go!” one Biden staffer stated.

“No, he didn’t,” “He wouldn’t respond to anything,” the journalist said.

Author: Blake Ambrose