Biden’s Message To Stranded Americans Makes Even Democrats Miss Trump

President Biden’s admin. has told American citizens who are trapped in Afghanistan that the White House cannot guarantee their safety if they go to the airport in Kabul to get evacuated.

The news comes as thousands of Americans remained trapped as terrorists have seized full control of the nation.

The Biden White House sent the following message to Americans now trapped inside Afghanistan:

“To American Citizens,”

“Thank you for registering to be evacuated from Afghanistan. The United States Embassy in Afghanistan has confirmed that some U.S. government flights will start soon. Please go to Hamid Karzai International Airport.”


A spokesperson for the Biden White House’s State Dept. told CNN, “The message to Americans in Afghanistan is to shelter in place until they get more details from the US embassy which inform them when they should go to the airport and where to go.”

The news comes as WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki and national security adviser Jake Sullivan both would not commit to keeping United States troops in Afghanistan beyond the Aug. 31st deadline.

The U.S. State Dept. released the following details for those wanting to be evacuated from Afghanistan:

“The security situation in the country is changing fast, including at the Kabul airport. American citizens should shelter in place. Those seeking assistance to leave Afghanistan should fill out this Repatriation Assistance Form for every person in their group. Spouses and minors of American citizens in Afghanistan who are waiting visas should also fill out this form if they want to depart. And do so as quickly as possible. And do so just once. You must fill out this form even if you have previously given your details to the U.S. Embassy. This form is your only way to communicate your interest in flights. We will let you know directly by email when departure options are available.”

“Do not call the Embassy for details about your flight. Do not go to the airport until you get informed by email that flights exist. We will give periodic updates to this message.”

Author: Blake Ambrose