Biden’s Open Border Turns Into a Globalist’s Dream Come True

Del Rio Sector Border officials have apprehended migrants from numerous nations who go across the border illegally from into the state of Texas. Recent captures include migrants from what the U.S. Border Patrol says are “special interest” nations like East African and the Middle East.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Del Rio Sector agents caught migrants from Lebanon, Eritrea, Tajikistan, and Syria according to details gotten from Del Rio Patrol officials. Newly hired Del Rio Chief Patrol Agent Jason Owens published a photo on Twitter showing the captures of a large crowd of Venezuelan illegals who illegally crossed into America.

“We encounter people from all over the world trying to illegally enter our nation,” Chief Owens said in a written comment. “Our agents work hard to guarantee that we find and arrest anyone that enters our nation in order to protect the security of our communities.”

Eagle Pass Station agents caught one female and five men from Eritrea and one man from Uzbekistan near Eagle Pass on Nov. 24, officials said. Eritrea is in the northeastern part of Africa along the Red Sea. It borders Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

Two days after this, Del Rio Station agents caught another two men — one being from Syria and one a citizen of Lebanon. The next day, Eagle Pass Station agents caught a Tajikistan citizen.

These captures of foreigners add to the 28,111 illegals from over 50 nations caught by Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents back in October — the first month of the fresh fiscal year. November capture numbers are not publicly available yet.

During all of fiscal year 2021, Del Rio Sector officials caught migrants from around 106 different nations, they reported.

This comes at a time when Joe Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting in part due to his support of open borders in America. The people are fed up with his overwhelmingly far-left policies that harm American citizens in many areas. Meanwhile, he has also supported the idea of awarding illegals, who were deported under Trump’s Administration, a large cash settlement. Programs like this are sure to attract many more people through America’s borders.

Author: Scott Dowdy