Biden’s Response To Natural Disaster Has Everyone Scratching Their Heads

In what apparently is a true tweet from Biden’s social media account instead of satire from a parody website, the president reminded Americans who are caught in Tropical Storm Henri about what is really important.

“To the people in Henri’s path: Don’t forget you might need to seek shelter while we are still battling the Delta variant. So use a mask and attempt to social distance. And to everyone across the nation, don’t get caught in the next storm. Get vaccinated rich now,” the tweet said.

Henri, which began as a hurricane, swept through the eastern coast bringing heavy rain, winds, flash flooding, and power outages and some evacuations as it landed. The storm led to several governors and mayors to issue states of emergency and asked residents to shelter in place.

Rain is falling at this writing in some places, leading to the potential for more flash flooding, although leaders at the National Hurricane Center changed Henri to a downgraded tropical depression.

Biden pledged that states who were slammed in the storm will get full backing at the federal level.

Although this tweet was supposedly given by a staffer instead of Biden himself, but it does work as a callback — in a completely different context — to Chris Wallace’s question this past Sunday: “Does the president not understand what is going on?”

Many Americans feel this same way.

As a thought experiment, imagine the response from the media had President Trump tweeted this same message during the middle of a weather-related crisis.

With a fully open southern border even as the president shows concern within his tweet about the Delta variant of coronavirus, Border Patrol officials have warned that Biden White House is allegedly allowing illegals into the nation on a regular basis who either have the covid or have not been tested.

In any event, some social media users slammed the Biden tweet with a lot of scorn. Here is a look at what was said:

Count the masks here, without a teleprompter.

— Big Shoots (@hrbekroenick) August 23, 2021

Author: Scott Dowdy