Biden’s UN Speech Goes Worse Than Anyone Could Have Imagined

President Biden, addressing the UN General Assembly this Tuesday for the first time after entering the White House, did what Biden does best.

He embarrassed the nation with a speech that was removed from reality, filled with straw men attacks and false dichotomies, and incoherent and and punctuated by exasperation and disgusting bravado.

The 23-second clip below reveals the tone of Tuesday’s speech before the global body.

Joe Biden stressed that the terribly planned removal of American forces from Afghanistan will create “a new era of diplomacy.”

“Instead of fighting the wars of the past,” Joe Biden said, “we are focusing on devoting our resources to the challenges that have the keys to our collective future: Stopping this pandemic, dealing with the climate crisis, dealing with shifts in global power dynamics, changing the rules on vital topics such as trade, emerging technologies, and the terrorism threat.”

Taking on these issues requires foreign governments to “work deeply with the world” and “work together toward a better future,” Biden said, according to a WH copy of his speech.

“Our prosperity and security and our very freedoms are connected, in my view, like never before. And so, I think we must partner as never before.”

Biden’s verbiage is bizarre given the reality of current and recent events.

American allies are frustrated with Joe Biden’s mismanagement of the Afghanistan withdrawal, including the Pentagon’s acknowledgment that his Kabul air strike which was announced as “righteous” by General Mark Milley, Joint Chiefs Chairman, had actually killed 10 innocent people, including seven kids.

Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan, even as the Taliban tightens their grip on the whole nation by sweeping any opposition away and killing anyone there who allied with the U.S. or our allies over the previous two decades.

More recently, the Biden White House has found itself dealing with an angry French government still upset over a new trilateral security agreement with the U.K and Australia, which witnessed Canberra reverse course on the multibillion-dollar deal it had made with Paris.

Nevertheless, Biden defended the international partnership over the previous eight months.

He said he had “prioritized recreating our alliances, replenishing our partnerships and recognizing they are essential to America’s enduring prosperity and security.”

One omission from the speech was China — the top rival of the U.S. and, more importantly, the source of a covid-19 pandemic that has taken the lives of over 4 million people of the nations the UN delegates represent.

Maybe even Joe Biden’s speechwriters could not find a way to spin a reference to China in anything resembling a positive direction.

Author: Scott Dowdy