Big Tech Regrets Insulting American Military Family

Instagram has apologized after their suspending the account of a Gold Star mom who lost her son in the terrorist attack against the Kabul Airport last week.

The Facebook-owned platform told The Washington Examiner that Shana Chappell’s account was suspended in “error.” Chappell was vocal on social media about keeping President Biden accountable for the death of her son, Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui.

“We express our full condolences to Ms. Chappell and to her family. Her tribute to her heroic son does not break any of our policies,” Instagram’s comment said.

Chappell brought a focus to her suspension from the Instagram platform, posting the message on Facebook hitting back against the platform for her removal and Biden for his management of the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“It seems that Instagram took it upon themselves to remove my account because i assume it was because i got so many followers after my sons death due to Biden’s incompetence, ignorance and him being a complete traitor!” Chappell said. “I’m gonna assume that Facebook will delete me next! Funny how these liberal one sided pieces of crap don’t like it when the truth comes out!”

Nikoui was killed last week during a terrorist attack by what some reports claim to be an Islamic State-affiliated group called ISIS-K. Which has never before been seen until this event. Reports claim a suicide bomber detonated a bomb near one of the gates at the airport, killing Nikoui and a dozen other American military service members as well as dozens of Afghans. Chappell and her husband were outspoken about their criticism of Joe Biden in posts and during TV interviews.

In one post, Chappell spoke about her interaction with President Biden during Nikoui’s homecoming at the Dover Air Force Base this past Sunday. She said:

“This message is for you! I looked you straight in the eyes and had words with you. After i lay my son to rest you will see me again! MY SONS BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!! All of these 13 people, their blood is on your hands! If my President Trump was in his rightful seat then he would still be alive.”

Author: Scott Dowdy