Big Tech Tries To Get Revenge On Team Trump, Only Embarrasses Themselves

This Wednesday, the liberal video-sharing website YouTube permanently removed and banned conservative news icon Dan Bongino.

Earlier this month Bongino had a YouTube suspension for breaking the website’s policy on spreading Covid “misinformation.” Now, both of his YouTube channels are removed from the website. A spokesperson for the company said to The Hill that Bongino would not be able to create a new channel in the future.

“The YouTube spokesperson said that attempts to create new Youtube channels linked to his name would be denied,” The Hill’s report said.

This week, Bongino announced in a now-gone video that he was wanted to leave YouTube. At this time, he amassed almost 900,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel.

In a recent report, it was noted that Bongino penned a message to YouTube this month after his suspension where he stressed it is “only a matter of time” before the “free-speech hating” video platform would “attempt to silence” him.

“Thankfully, I am one of the investors in the Rumble website, a platform that supports free-speech,” Bongino said. “Actually, I have over double the amount of followers there, than on your s–t website.”

On Rumble, Bongino has more than two million subscribers. He regularly posts from “The Dan Bongino Show” on the website.

This week, we went over how conservative pundit Clay Travis stated that YouTube would not allow him to upload the video of his interview with Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul.

“Regardless of what you believe about Rand Paul’s opinions, he is among the current democratically elected senators. It is the very antithesis of a democracy to block Americans from hearing the ideas and opinions of their democratically elected leaders. YouTube should be ashamed,” he said in his tweet.

In the interview, which was published to Rumble, Paul discussed covid mandates, the Omicron variant, and President Joe Biden’s Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci.

This comes at a time when more and more conservative Americans are leaving Youtube for other platforms that do allow them to speak their minds freely.

Author: Steven Sinclaire