Bill Gates Makes a Shocking Admission About Covid Vaccines

Globalist oligarch and madman Bill Gates made a new admission about the benefits of the coronavirus vaccines speaking recently at a British think tank Policy Exchange, saying that the medicine “only somewhat” lowers the real spread of covid. Scientific consensus shows that the vaccines were effective at stopping covid cases from becoming too severe and to the point of hospitalization or death, but they are not as useful at stopping people from spreading the virus to another person.

“We did not have vaccines that block the transmission… We had vaccines that help you, but they only slightly lower transmission. We need a new way of doing vaccines.”

Gates asked for medical research to create vaccines that would block virus transmission, a questionable goal considering the adapting and mutating nature of a disease like coronavirus.

Gates has styled himself as the leader and expert of the covid vaccines, despite having no biological background in health sciences and no connection to the vaccines’ development.

Covid vaccines were originally advertised as a way to stop the spread of covid itself, with their utility almost exclusively based on preventing severe cases. Its utility makes the covid vaccine similar to natural immunity- people who recovered from covid can transmit the viral particles, despite not having severe cases due to their existing antibodies.

In strange fashion, top social media networks like Twitter have labeled Gates’ (completely truthful) remarks about the efficacy of the covid vaccines as “misinformation” with their expansive internet censorship. Twitter’s long standing policy prevents saying that vaccinated people can spread covid, in what amounts to forcible censorship of the plain scientific truth.

This comes at a time when Americans are reaching a breaking point over Democrats’ ever-increasing Covid-19 rhetoric and demands for strict masking policies. Polls reveal that liberals are setting themselves up for major problems in 2022 and beyond given the incredible anger building in America. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has increased his standing with Republicans and conservatives nationwide.

So it looks as though Democrats are headed for a huge and brutal awakening and it could be one they never recover from.

Author: Steven Sinclaire