Bill Gates Promises Another Pandemic Is Coming Soon


Bill Gates stated late Friday that the risks of severe illness from coronavirus have “dramatically decreased” but another viral pandemic could be imminent.

CNBC reported Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-chair stated that the possible next pandemic would likely be from a different virus to that of the covid family.

“We will have another bad pandemic. But it will be a different virus next time,” Gates stated.

He also admitted that many people have no reason to worry about Covid-19 since we are two years into the pandemic and that natural immunity has “done better at getting the world out of the virus than have the vaccines.”

“The chance of severe illness, which is mainly connected with being obese, old or having diabetes, those risks are now greatly reduced because of the infection exposure,” he stated.

Gates also asked for world governments to go faster when pumping out future inoculations while stressing he specifically wants more usage of the new mRNA technology.

“Next time we should make it instead of two years, more like six months,” Gates stated. CNBC noted Gates’ statements that standardized platforms, like the messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, would make this possible.

“The cost of being ready for the next virus is not that large. It is not like with climate change. If we are rational, yes, the next time we will catch it early.”

Bill Gates has seen a lot of financial success despite a crumbling global economy after reactions to the Chinese covid pandemic. Reports by CNBC said that the multi-billionaire amassed even yet more money in 2021, saying that he added $7 billion to his overall fortune of $139 billion.

Gates is yet another globalist who support open borders and forced vaccinations. Years ago he was accused of forcibly sterilizing people in India, using a vaccine as the process for sterilization. Now he seems to really want vaccinations all over the world. The globalists have spoken about depopulation before, and now any rational person would admit that their agenda could be happening right now with forced vaccines that could include any ingredient they want.


Author: Steven Sinclaire