BLM Death Threats Go Viral – You Need To See This

Photo Via USA Today

Black Lives Matter is apparently growing increasingly violent as Democrat support for the Marxist terror group hiding under the guise of “social justice” continues.

Over the weekend during a Black Lives Matter rally held in Washington, D.C. one BLM leader was very vocal about their hatred for the country and the men and women in blue which serve to protect its citizens.

The leader, speaking to a large group, could be heard shouting, “I’m at a point where I’m ready to put these police in the f***ing grave. I’m at the point where, I want to burn the White House down. I want to take it to the senators. I want to take it to the Congress.”

“I want to take the fight to them and at the end of the day, if they won’t hear us, we burn them the f**k down,” he continued. “I’m one that talk real s**t. I talk it in New York and I talk it in D.C. The same way I f**k police up in New York, I f**k cops up in here in D.C. The same way I bust police in the head in New York, I bust police in the head in D.C.”

“Now, it’s a lot of people and I’m going to be honest, it’s a lot of people that’s on this front line and one of the things that I always say, ‘don’t get on this f***ing front line if you ain’t gonna f***ing fight,’” he concluded.

“Don’t get on this front line if you ain’t gonna take no hit. Don’t get on this front line when the police f***ing push up, you push back. If you gonna be on this front line, and them racist a*s, nasty a*s, punk a*s, f***ing police is pushing up, you push the f**k up.”

At this point, it should be clear to most – if not all – that Black Lives Matter has no real interest in protecting black lives. It is a movement rooted in hatred for America and our way of life. The fact that they receive continued support from left-wing politicians should be very concerning as a threat to our country.

Black Lives Matter – operating in conjunction with Antifa – has been very open about their disdain for the country. These groups have grown so emboldened and powerful that they do not even try to hide their true intentions.

Flag burning has become a mainstay at their destructive riots and chants of “death to America” are becoming more common amongst them.

In Oakland over the weekend rioters marched through the streets calling for the downfall of America as so many terror groups before them have. “Death to America” was their rallying cry – no calls for justice – no calls for peace – only death to America.

Last week in Kenosha, another rioter was caught on camera screaming that same horrid phrase while burning an American flag. That same rioter was seen screaming “kill all cops.”

Democrats failed to condemn this violent activity until according to CNN’s Don Lemon “it was showing up in the polls.” The Democrats simply don’t care about this country anymore – they have been seized by the radical left and they’re not letting go anytime soon.

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