BLM Gets Humiliated On The Global Stage

BLM apparel is being barred from the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

The Olympic Committee has said that while BLM political messages will be banned from contestant’s clothing, generic words such as peace and respect are allowed.

Athletes will face punishment if they break the rule, with the committee saying it would look at each case on its own.

Last month, the Athletes’ Commission decided to continue its ban on political messages after a poll revealed that most competitors were in favor of the ban.

More than politically-charged clothing, taking a knee would also risk punishment.

The IOC said it polled over 3,500 competing athletes and said that 70% of them believed it was “not appropriate to push their views” on the field or at the ceremonies. The survey also found that 67% of respondents disapproved of these types of demonstrations.

Some groups have pledged legal support for those athletes who ignore the rules to protest. The World Players Association said they had expected the IOC’s decision.

“Any athlete punished at the Olympics will have the full support of the World Players,” said Brendan Schwab, the group’s director.

Author: Scott Dowdy