BLM Militant Infiltrates Schools — Warns Of Incoming Civil War

A Texas parent that supports anti-white critical race theory has recently threatened white parents during a school meeting, saying he has “over 1,000 soldiers ready to go” that would be “locked and loaded.”

Officers were asked to escort the angered parent, Malikk Austin, from the Fort Worth Independent School meeting this November 9 after he faced other parents and shouted at them, Fox News said.

“For those who have issue with the critical race theory, this is something I fight for, and for my children,” Austin, said to start his comments.

“How dare you come here and discuss things that my grandparents and my daddy went through, the oppression, the lynch, Jim Crow, and my children are still harmed by this. How dare you challenge me about critical race theory,” he kept looking at the white parents in the audience.

“Look up the term, ‘racism,’ this was deliberately done to African people,” he said. “They are shackling us down. This fear, hate won’t work.”

“We are not our ancestors. I have over 1,000 soldiers ready to go,” Austin threatened, as shown in video of the heated meeting.

A separate video published to Twitter reveals Austin saying, “I will bring my soldiers next time … locked and loaded.”

He can be heard repeating this phrase “locked and loaded” several times as police officers walk him away.

Parents at the meeting told Fox News that Austin’s statements made them unsafe and threatened.

“Absolutely, I feel unsafe,” Hollie Plemmons, a stay-at-home mom of three, said. “I am scared he is going to do something.”

“Everyone there knew it was a threat,” Carol Guarneri, a grandmother said. “This gentleman was very angry, he was not putting on a show. When he made the comment that he had one thousand soldiers and they would be back loaded, it was very scary to me.”

“I was thinking about phoning my husband and having him walk me to my car because I was scared to go to my car,” she said.

According to Fox News, Guaneri claimed that Austin had attended a school board meeting in August wearing “tactical gear.” Fox also said that Austin could be seen wearing the gear at the 39-minute mark of this video.

Author: Blake Ambrose