BLM Plots Deadly Revenge Against Conservatives

CHICAGO, Illinois — BLM activist Troy Gaston stated that the U.S. government should prosecute Kyle Rittenhouse. His comments came after a speech given in Chicago at a “Stop White Supremacy!” rally.

On stage, Gaston told the organized protesters that the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal sent a message “telling us that we have to be silent under threats of complete violence.”

“Today we came out here to simply be recognized as individuals who deserve to live and be treated equally and with respect,” the injustice activists continued. “I ask that everyone come out here today and let them hear your f**king voices.”

“Rittenhouse, who came out there for whatever reasons, came out there and hurt people,” he explained. “The jury has spoken. So, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Do you support voices being heard?’ or ‘Do you support doing harm?”

When asked if there could be peace after the Rittenhouse verdict, Gaston replied, “How can there be peace, when there is no justice? There can be no peace if there is no justice.”

Gaston then stated, “We are waiting for the US government to charge Kyle Rittenhouse with first-degree murder,” and then walked away.

Gaston is not a stranger to the Illinois justice system. In May of last year, during a George Floyd rally, the Chicago Police Dept. arrested Gaston for battery on a cop. That charge was later changed to a lesser charge of resisting arrest shortly after activists petitioned the Mayor Lori Lightfoot and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

He served time in the juvenile justice system and also in state prison system as an adult on charges including forgery, burglary and misusing a credit card. He spent three out of ten years in the prison system in solitary confinement. He claims he was wrongfully convicted.

He now attends virtual classes at Roosevelt University and pushes for social justice reform. He’s a political science major and has plans to obtain a doctorate in anthropology.

“I wanted to make it out here, like I am right now,” Gaston said. “I have been designed to fight. Black people’s entire existence is a resistance. It is about the work of individuals trying to discover the dignity within them to show a link with the human spirit with other individuals.”

Author: Scott Dowdy