BLM’s Finances Now Exposed, Revealing A Big Secret

The nationally known BLM anti-white terrorist group could be sitting on more cash than believed, new information from a report published by the Washington Examiner reveals.

BLM Global Network Foundation previously said in Feb. 2021 it had used around a third of the $90 million it brought in during 2020, leaving around $60 million dollars available at the end of the year.

Now, unreported IRS records are being exposed and suggesting that BLM had almost $79 million from Democrat fundraising system ActBlue in 2020 and an additional $13 million from this same group in 2021.

“It seems that millions in donations sent to BLMGNF are now unaccounted for,” revealed Paul Kamenar, the legal counsel for the National Policy and Legal Center, a conservative organization. “Companies and Foundations usually give their charitable contributions directly to the charity instead of through an intermediary like ActBlue, which takes a percentage as a processing fee and is then used for small-dollar donations from individual people.”

“The questions concerning BLMGNF’s finances call for a completely independent audit that should be released to the American public.”

It is well-known that dozens of powerful and large corporations gave to the anti-white terrorist group in 6 and even 7 figure totals. Unfortunately, the names of the corporations who made these donations remain hidden from the American public.

BLM also got around $66.5 million directly from Thousand Currents in Oct. 2020, just months after they were sponsored by the Tides Foundation, a leftist dark money group, in July of 2020. Reporting by the Examiner showed that it was unclear whether Tides then gave that money to BLM or if they still kept control of the funds.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors acknowledged that her group had financial reporting problems, although perhaps not in the best way:

“I think it is because Black people in general have a difficult time with money,” Cullors said. “It is a trigger point for us.”

In other connected news, we covered the arrest of a frequent BLM leader in February after she got a 6-year jail sentence for committing election fraud.

Author: Steven Sinclaire