Blue-State Democrats Speechless As Their Gun Laws Vanish

And there’s more! More news to make left-wingers foam at the mouth. It’s time to crack open another container of popcorn.

From the AP:

“A federal appeals court made the decision this week that California’s ban on the selling of semiautomatic guns to individuals under the age of 21 is unconstitutional.”

A panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in San Francisco ruled this week in a 2-1 decision that the law violates Americans’ Second Amendment the right to bear arms, and that a San Diego judge should have halted “a total ban on semiautomatic rifles” for individuals under age 21. “The valor of the young people who died and fought in our revolutionary army made America possible,” Judge Ryan Nelson, declared. “We reaffirm today that our Constitution still ensures the right to keep and bear arms for youths.”

Something strange is going on. What’s going on IS crystal clear. The 9th Circuit court has gotten less circus like and more judicial since new appointments were made to the court. Trump and then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chose two of the judges who ruled with the majority.

The Firearms Policy Coalition filed the lawsuit. Their ultimate objective, as stated by the AP, is to repeal age-based gun bans one court case at a time, state by state.

The court’s decision only applied to the loosening of the age restriction for gun purchases. The Firearms Policy Coalition lawsuit also challenged the state’s requirement that individuals under the age of 21 who are not in law enforcement or the military acquire a hunting license before purchasing shotguns or rifles. This policy was implemented in 2018, following several high-profile shootings, including Parkland, Florida.

The court determined that the requirement was reasonable in light of “sensible gun control,” saying it would enhance public safety. The California 2019 law prohibiting the sale of semiautomatic centerfire rifles to anyone under 21 was also upheld.

At a time when crime is raging throughout the state at the hands of people who don’t care about gun restrictions and gun bans, lawful gun owners are forced to bring these lawsuits in order to resist a government that claims it wants to protect California’s “reasonable gun laws.” Despite the fact that these rules have accomplished nothing in terms of stopping mass shootings. This is one reason why, even in California, the legislation has been revoked.

Author: Blake Ambrose