Bombshell: Biden Arrested At Capitol Hill

In a 2007 interview on David Letterman, then-Senator Joe Biden, said he was arrested at the Capitol for breaking into a secured area.

Letterman asked Joe Biden what it felt like to enter the Senate at the young age of 29.

Biden responded that he actually went inside the Senate at the age of 21, and was arrested.

Going over the details of his arrest, Biden said he was visiting friends at Georgetown, and wanted to visit DC because he “was interested in the Senate.”

“During that time, there were no guards there to stop you. And all the Senators had just left. I walked inside and suddenly I was inside the chamber. I was shocked. I sat down in the officer’s seat, then a guy grabbed me the shoulder and said: ‘you’re under arrest,’” Biden said.

“Nine years after, as I went into the Senate through that same door, that same cop came up to me and said, ‘Senator, do you remember me?’ He said, ‘I arrested you almost ten years ago…welcome back.’

It was not clear whether this event actually happened or not. Biden has been caught before, bragging about other arrests which turned out to be untrue.

He once claimed he was arrested while visiting Nelson Mandela during apartheid.

He later reversed course and instead said that by “arrested,” he meant he was “not allowed to move.”

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