Bombshell: Obama Knew About COVID Long Before The Outbreak

In 2015, French intel. officials warned the Obama Administration that China was “reducing agreed collaboration at the lab” – which France helped to create with the belief that the two countries would work with one another.

But by 2017, France was ‘kicked out’ of this lab, and the cooperation had stopped, top French officials once again warned the U.S. State Dept. of ‘deadly concerns’ as to Chinese goals, former State official David Asher revealed to the Daily Caller.

“The State Dept. alleged in Jan. 2021, near the very end of Trump’s White House, that the Chinese Wuhan lab had worked in classified studies on behalf of the China military since 2017 at least.”

“On Thursday, Chinese officials said the country would not allow the WHO to inspect the lab any more. China has prevented the WHO from getting to such important records at the lab,” reported The Daily Caller at the time.

“The Chinese essentially sucked the State inside its honey pot to get access to U.S. technology and knowledge. Classic. Just as they do in every sector,” said Asher.

The United States Agency for Intl. Development gave $1.1 million to US-based Group EcoHealth Alliance for an agreement with the Chinese Wuhan Virology Institute – on top of millions gotten from the DOD’s Defense Threat Reduction Group, and $600,000 yearly grant from Dr. Fauci’s NIH.

After the Obama admin. stopped Gain-of-Function research, United States groups pushed money through EcoHealth to keep it, even with the warning from France.

According to Asher, the DoD, NIH and USAID should have stopped federal funding back in 2015.

More information from the Daily Caller:

“France gave the lab’s biosafety training, labs and a lot of its technology.”

“The French created the Wuhan lab as a transparent place that would help the global science community in looking at possible pandemics, according to a State Dept. cable in April of 2018, citing a Chinese-based French official who was a part of the technology and science cooperation with Chinese scientists and government officials.”

“While top French officials supported this collaboration, French defense and security experts did not, the France news outlet Le Figaro said.”

Author: Blake Ambrose