Border Agents Give Biden a Hilariously Accurate New Nickname

An influx of illegals has forced Border officials to start “report to ICE” orders instead of giving court appearance orders to illegals.

Border Commissioner Troy Miller tells a House Appropriations Subcommittee that his agency started giving “report to ICE” orders to illegals after they have exhausted their resources at overcrowded facilities.

At the hearing, Miller said that since Mexico has ceased accepting returned migrants, his agency has come across 178,000 illegals attempting to enter the country in April alone. This shocking number shows the high amount of illegals that have entered in the last 20 years. Of these people, 35 percent had re-entered the country after being removed, provoking angered agents to refer to Biden as “let ’em go Joe.”

In a message to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona (R) said the agency was violating immigration laws by unleashing migrants into the interior of the country without a court appearance date. DHS Subcommittee members responded to this lack of accountability given the new “report to ICE” measure.

As Biden’s immigration changes continue to harm border resources, thousands of people are stuck in overcrowded facilities and agents are forced to be caretakers instead of patrolling for drug smugglers.

Meanwhile, Border Czar Kamala Harris is nowhere to be found. This is an intentional effort on the part of the Biden Administration to get around the terrible optics of the immigration crisis.

Author: Scott Dowdy