Border Patrol Agents Stunned By Biden’s Moves — “He Just Started a War”

The Biden White House’s embrace of the big lie is leading to serious consequences after he attacked his own Border agents over a hoax that agents used a “whip” on Haitian illegals, a blatant lie.

After the uproar over the new bogus narrative supported by the White House, the agents that were falsely accused were taken off duty with a promise from Biden that they would “pay,” a threat that got an angry response from inside the agency — which is a clear sign of how the regime has destroyed the morale among the people tasked with policing the country’s southern border.

One agent said to Fox News, “Would you go and do your best work knowing that your boss will ‘make you pay’?” adding that, “I am dumbfounded by this.”

“I see the White House wants to fry our people. He just started a war against Border Patrol,” said a different agent.

In order to take attention away from the terrible conditions in Del Rio, where thousands of illegals had gathered in horrible conditions that some police officials compared to third world camps, the Democrat propaganda machine kicked into high gear and Biden, who has frequently flexed his dictator muscles, lashed out at America’s Border Patrol last Thursday.

Once again bringing in the dark images of slavery, a raging POTUS openly lied by saying that the Haitian illegals were being “strapped” before promising there would be consequences.

The untruthful remarks, which were designed to compare normal White Americans with slave owners, are shocking given that only five years ago we had our first black president.

After Biden’s promise of punishment, Border Patrol agents showed concern that they would get railroaded by a White House that has weaponized the federal police apparatus against his political adversaries.

“Is the president threatening to put us in prison?,” one agent asked Fox News.

Mark Morgan, a former acting CBP leader said to Fox that the agents were already “condemned, had their careers ruined and their reputations harmed, without due process — all to distract from Biden’s planned open border crisis at America’s southern border.”

He said, “How will they get an inquiry now when everyone in command chain all the way up to Joe Biden has already concluded they are guilty of some atrocity?”

“For the president of the United States to say that, he is now emotionally unhinged and has caved to woke culture,” Morgan said. “The agents feel they are betrayed, and stabbed in the back, and are demoralized.”

Author: Scott Dowdy