Buried Within The Infrastructure Bill Is This Gem, And It Will Enrage You

Words have a way of losing meaning over some time. Infrastructure is not an exception. The Democrats’ “infrastructure” bill is filled with goodies and handouts that have no connection to infrastructure. All of the bill’s largest measures are obviously there to satisfy certain people within the Democrat Party.

John Binder of Breitbart News has found that “The so-called “infrastructure” bill, supported by Senate Dems and 18 Senate GOPers, would reward Democratic states with federal money for increasing immigration into the country.”

Although the bill features some items like the Digital Equity Act, which seeks to expand broadband into the communities that struggle to get access to faster Internet, it is filled with all kinds of clever and dangerous previsions. With the Digital Equity Act being just a front for a very terrible bill.

One of the sketchiest measures inside is one that gives federal money in accordance with the total amount of new immigrants in a particular region or state. Binder is correct in stressing that the bill is designed in such a way that “rewards Democrat states who have the largest amount of foreign-born populations in the country.”

The legislation reveals how the Dept. of Commerce would create a grant program for states to fund broadband expansion:

“50 percent of the grant total will be based on the State’s population in relation to the population of all States.”

“25 percent of the amount will be based on the people in the State who are members of covered populations in relation to the total number in all States who are also members of covered populations.”

“25 percent of the amount will be based on the lack of broadband in the eligible State in relation to that of all eligible States.”

The “covered populations”, most of these would be migrants who have just arrived to the United States who are treated better than American citizens.

Under this law, newly arrived immigrants are “people with a language barrier, including people who are English learners and have low literacy levels.” Other groups in the “covered populations” are everyone who is not white.

In essence, Democratic states with multiple mass immigration attracters — like welfare, sanctuary cities where illegals can roam free with impunity — are among the states that would disproportionately get funding from this bill. This bill is about nothing more than transferring wealth from white Americans to the rest of the world.

Author: Blake Ambrose