Calls For Investigation Surface After Biden’s ‘Script’ Scandal

By The Right Scoop September 10, 2020 | Image Source : The Right Scoop

It must be worse than we thought for the Biden campaign. He’s now been caught reading scripted answers from his campaign staff, via a teleprompter, to a video question by a voter:

This is the kind of thing that would have already gone viral in the media if this had been Trump, with pundits and newsers dogpiling Trump for not being able to come up with answers on his own.

But the media are ignoring it, which is why Ari Fleischer is calling on the press to investigate it because this really is a big deal:

I hope the press digs into this. Did Biden really have the answer to this Q pre-loaded into his teleprompter? This is why we have the press: to dig in and get answers.

think it’s fairly obvious that he did. And it goes straight to Biden’s poor mental acuity that both he and his campaign are trying to hide from the American people. Yesterday we told you about Biden’s stenographer who admitted that Biden has lost a step and clearly isn’t the same as he was before 2017. And this, among many other things, proves the point that he’s just not ‘with it’ like he used to be.

But the media is going to do everything they can to ignore this story because he’s their candidate and, you know, they hate Trump with the burning heat of a thousands suns.

Author: The Right Scoop

Source: The Right Scoop: Ari Fleischer calls on the press to investigate Biden reading SCRIPTED answers to voter question

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