Capitol Police Caught Spying On MAGA Lawmakers

In Jan., we spoke about how the Capitol Police were doing a background check on certain people who visited the U.S. Congress. It is post-Jan. 6 regime. Is it spying? They say they only use public details. They likened this spying to reporters doing background research. They might not say it is spying, but most people feel their privacy was broken. It is meant to chill people who meet with their elected leaders. Now, we discover this little operation could go way beyond only a simple social media review. Republican Congressman Troy Nehls (from TX) had a long Twitter thread about how his team and office was spied on illegally by the U.S. Capitol Police.

They went inside his office when the U.S. Congress was in recess and took photos of confidential documents illegally. Then the officers dressed like construction workers attempted to go into his office but were caught by a staff-member. Neither Congressman Nehls or his top staff was told they were the subjects of an official investigation.

“They had no authority to take pictures of my office, let alone spy on my staff. So, why is the Capitol Police maliciously looking into me in an attempt to ruin my character?” he said.

He thinks that he is being targeted by Pelosi as he is a vocal critic, along with the whole investigation into Jan. 6 and the Ashli Babbitt murder. I would not be shocked if this is the case.

We will see what happens.

But anyone in the know understands that Biden and the Democrats and especially Nancy Pelosi and Obama are prime examples of the corruption that is tearing this country apart. Their hate for white people is proven by their hate of Trump, who they see as a symbol of white Americans, who they wish to replace as soon as possible. What is never spoken about, however, is that this same dynamic is happening in Europe, Canada, and Australia. All places with majority or formerly majority white populations. It’s clear that the people in power are anti-white and won’t stop until they have complete power and genocide.

Author: Blake Ambrose