Capitol Police Chief: Militias Will ‘Blow Up’ DC

The current Capitol Police Chief has said that militias are planning to “blow up” the Capitol during Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address.

Chief Yogananda Pittman made her comments during a testimony at a House hearing about the Capitol trespassing.

“We know that members of these militias were at the Capitol during the attack and have expressed their ambitions to blow up the Capitol and kill as many lawmakers as they can,” Pittman said.

“So based on that, we believe it’s prudent that we maintain our enhanced security posture until we deal with those vulnerabilities,” she added.

Around 5,000 troops are anticipated to keep watch over the Capitol until March.

Pittman objected to the accusations that Capitol Hill police ignored intelligence that warned of the trespassing of Jan. 6.

“We were not unaware of intelligence showing an attack of this size. There was simply no such intelligence,” she said.

“Although we understood the possibility for violence,” she said, “no credible threat showed that tens of thousands would assault the Capitol, nor did intelligence from the FBI or any other partner show such a threat.”

Pittman then told lawmakers on the House Appropriations subcommittee that while some rioters were organized, many were simply regular Americans who acted with mob-like anger. Pittman claimed that the Capitol Police were not prepared for the latter.

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