Catholic Leaders Expose Biden For ‘Evil Deeds’

A Catholic priest has said Biden’s actions have been very contrary to what the Catholic church teaches.

“Throughout our lives we walk to magnify God’s holiness or we reflect sinful pride and rebellion. But a single evil act—committed with freedom and consent—threatens our eternity.” the Rev. Jerry Pokorsky said on his website

“Biden’s unapologetic sinful acts are visible for all to see,” he wrote.

“In just under a month after his inauguration, he celebrated the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. He said he was committed to abortion. He promised to ‘appoint judges that respect precedents such as Roe.’ He rescinded the pro-life policy, which ensured that aid would not go to abortion organizations overseas,” Pokorsky noted.

Pokorsky also went for Biden on his support for the Equality Act, which would force gender identity and sexual orientation as protected categories under the Civil Rights Act.

Even further, he said Biden’s pick to lead the DHS, “supports partial-birth abortions and supports forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for abortion drugs and assisted suicide.”

Biden has “magnified countless violations of the Ten Commandments. His hypocrisy rivals that of Pharisees and deserves the same condemnation,” Pokorsky wrote.

Pokorsky ended with “Biden is the most anti-Catholic President in American history.”

And Pokorsky is not alone in his views.

The archbishop of Kansas City, Kansas, Joseph F. Naumann, has also slammed Biden for his evil deeds.

During a recent discussion with The Catholic World Report, Naumann ripped Biden for his abortion stance, which he says goes against the teachings of Catholicism.

“He should stop saying he is devout, and acknowledge that his abortion stance goes against our moral teachings. It would be more honest for him to say he disagrees with his church on this issue and that he was acting contrary to our teaching,” Naumann said.

“When he says he is devout, we bishops must correct him. Although he has been given authority, he cannot define what it means to be Catholic and what our moral teachings are,” he said.

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