CDC Director Slips On Live TV — Admits Truth About Vaccines

If you have been watching the CDC’s and Biden’s management of COVID last week, you’ve probably seen their 180 reversal. Just weeks ago they were insisting masks were needed after getting vaccinated, and now they are congratulating themselves for reversing course, making certainly false claims that the science has changed during that short time period.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, during an attempt to increase her agencies lagging credibly, made weekend show rounds. While talking to CNN, she made a shocking admission.

What Walensky is trying to do here is make a distinction between those who died directly due to COVID and those who died of another deadly disease but who were diagnosed as covid positive sometime before their death.

What is so amazing here is that Walensky is saying what was previously declared to be off-limits by the powers that be. It’s the type of thing that right-leaning websites have been censored for on social media. Now, the Biden administration is saying that this previously forbidden fact is true, because it fits their goals. Meanwhile, the mainstream media does not question it, and the social media leaders shrug it off.

And this comes a week after the CDC shifted its stance on masks to what many conservatives have been urging for. It’s all blatantly political and very convenient.

Author: Steven Sinclaire