CDC Loses What Little Credibility It Had Left

Trying to figure out which institutions have experienced the largest loss of credibility because of the pandemic is a little like trying to figure out whether it would be better to take a right or left punch to the head. There is not a wrong answer, and it will all hurt.

But, when you look at the CDC, they are sitting somewhere close to the top — even with how apolitical the organization looked to be before the coronavirus. Sure, not anything in Washington, D.C., is ever really apolitical, but at least it was such a little part of our lives that you did not really think about it.

Over the past two years the CDC has been thrown into policy-making in abnormal ways, and that has caused some very bad results via lockdowns, unsupported mask mandates, among other mandates. And while you would think an organization built on “science” to never do anything with a political bent, it is plain to see that the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has been getting her orders straight from the White House.

Now, there is another example. The CDC has “revised” pediatric deaths from Covid-19 down 24%, following a “mistake” being discovered. Reported by the The Daily Caller.

“The CDC changed its data this week to lower pediatric deaths from COVID-19 by almost 24%.”

“The CDC stated that the data was revised on March 15 because of a “coding logic error,” according to the CDC COVID Data Tracker. The pediatric death totals were not the only ones that came down — total deaths were lowered by around 70,000.”

The debate about the risk COVID-19 has on children has raved since the first cases were made known. It has been seen since at least April 2020, that kids just don’t have much of a risk, certainly not enough to justify making them wear mask that even some states still require and shooting them up with vaccines.

Again, there is not any reason for kids to be jabbed, masked and isolated, because of COVID-19. A child has more of a chance to die from the flu than the coronavirus. But there is a large amount of money that can be made from forcing vaccines on children, and the White House seems to be totally invested in that endeavor.

Author: Steven Sinclaire