China Ups The Ante After Biden Issues An Embarrassing Apology

President Biden has been confined inside the U.S. but last week, he was put on complete display in front of the whole world at the G20 global summit and global meeting. And while American citizens have already seen a clear picture of Joe Biden and his mistakes, the world finally got a front-row seat to the roadshow that is Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden stuttered and mumbled, whispered like a creep into the mic, and even napped during the summit. And following this same routine during the UN COP26 climate meeting, Joe Biden actually apologized for America, causing China to not only make fun of him but say that we was “powerless.”

Speaking during the global conference this week, President Joe Biden said, “I guess I should not apologize, but I will apologize for America since the last White House got us out of this important Paris Accords and placed us behind schedule. The U.S. is not only here again at the negotiating table but leading with example. I understand that has not been the case and that is why my White House is working quickly.”

Although this is not the worst comment Biden has made, the Chinese Global Times, one of China’s top government-linked news outlets, mocked him for being powerless.

“What a great and ‘noble’ apology. One that made Joe Biden seem as thought he cares about the climate, but also how powerless he is. His apology is senseless, as he has no intention to complete his promises and no guarantee to ensure his commitment will not be toppled by the next White House.”

The outlet continued, “Worse, Biden cannot even get enough support from even Democrats to green light his program. If the United States still has the teeth, it will certainly not be this humble.”

Already mocking President Biden and America, the Global Times finished by saying it was only a matter of time before Donald Trump comes back to the White House to then apologize for Joe Biden.

“Many netizens, including people from the United States, claim they cannot wait for 2024 when the GOP, or even Trump himself, will come back and apologize for Biden’s apology.”

Author: Blake Ambrose