Chinese Dissident Says Covid Was Released On Purpose, Here’s Why…

In a shocking report that causes serious challenges to the Democrat narrative about COVID’s source inside China, new claims coming from an exiled CCP whistleblower say that Chinese agents unleashed COVID during an international sporting event which was held at Wuhan in Oct. 2019.

Wei Jingsheng, CCP insider, says that Chinese agents spread COVID on purpose during the World Military Games in Oct. 2019. The whistleblower also said he attempted to warn the Trump White House about COVID five months before the pandemic started.

The global tournament for military athletes was done in Wuhan, where sick patients would begin to overwhelm hospitals not even three months after Beijing informed the WHO on New Years about the new outbreak. After these games, Wei says, some of the 9,000 athletes who went were sicken with a mysterious virus, including American, French, and German athletes.

“I believed the Chinese government would use this opportunity to spread the virus during the Games, as many foreigners would be there,” Wei said during a new Sky News documentary called ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan?’.

“I knew about the possibility of the CCP government using some weird weapons, including biological ones, because I knew they had experiments of this sort,” he said.

The World Military Games, which are like the Olympic Games for military athletes, were done in Wuhan from Oct. 19-27, 2019.

Wei says he went to top figures in the Trump White House starting in November 2019, but that he was ignored. We understand cases of coronavirus might have been spreading in the United States at that time – and certainly before December 2019. While he would not say to which person he spoke to, he says they were a “top official” in Trump’s Administration.

Per, David Asher, a former Coronavirus investigator for the State Dept., says in the documentary that the Military Games were “suspicious.”

“We do see some signs in our data…that there was Covid going through the United States as early as early December, maybe earlier than that,” he said.

“Some people who came back from those Games were sick.”

Having been exiled to the United States years earlier, Wei said he was made aware of what was going on with CCP insiders revealing their fears and describing the cover-up to him.

Author: Scott Dowdy