Chinese Whistleblower Reveals The True Source Of COVID

A Chinese whistleblower says her husband is helping the CCP make her “disappear” for revealing the origins of coronavirus during her bombshell interview on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Virologist Li-Meng Yan announced on Tucker Carlson that according to government reports, her husband entered the United States for two years, with the help of an H1-B visa, and could be planning to harm her with the help of the Chinese government and some officials inside the United States.

Before her escape from China in 2020, Yan said her husband tried to “harm” her in a number of ways, including by poisoning her, to stop her from fleeing the nation.

Yan, who was working within a WHO lab during the early days of the virus outbreak, was given the role of investigator to look into coronavirus, which was being labeled the “Wuhan pneumonia” at the time. However, she was warned by her boss, Dr. Leo Poon, not to go too far with questions.

She was also told to not go near the “red-line” or suffer the consequences from the Communist party.

“Don’t touch the red line– the ‘invisible principle,’” Yan said. “Do not break it or else I will be responsible. It means the things that the CCP won’t be happy about.”

Using her contacts – which included lab researchers, CDC-linked military, and other locations — Yan soon saw “abnormal” steps being taken by the CCP.

“China’s government knows what happened in Wuhan. And it is certainly more than they announced,” Yan said. “They hide away one-third of patients.”

“And the patients, all of them, have seafood market history before they are diagnosed, which is very weird,” Yan said. “And this time—”

“I am sorry– but you are saying that China would not declare a covid-19 infection unless a person had been to a seafood market?” Carlson said.


Yan said, in her opinion, that the virus was a bio weapon that got out of control, created by the Chinese military after they discovered its effectiveness during the initial SARS outbreak.

Author: Scott Dowdy