Chuck Schumer Puts All Democrats In Career-Ending Danger

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is now demanding that the U.S. Senate still vote on Joe Biden’s Build Back Better spending bill next year in January. But after losing West Virginia’s Senator Manchin’s support, the Dems would almost certainly lose.

The Senate is evenly split at 50 Dems and 50 GOP members, with VP Kamala Harris being the deciding vote in case of a tie. So, assuming Republicans stay firm and no RINOs appear with plans to betray the party, the huge spending bill would require every Democratic senator’s support plus Harris’ vote. Manchin’s announcement that he would not support it means it is doomed.

However, Schumer has now said that Democrats should get ready to vote on the new bill in 2022.

“Senators should know that the U.S. Senate will consider the BBB Act, very early in the next year so that every member of this group has the opportunity to make their position understood on the U.S. Senate floor, not only on TV,” Schumer stated this Monday, according to a WSJ editorial.

Manchin’s announcement this Sunday that he would not support the bill sent the Biden White House and Dems into a tailspin.

Democrats said the almost $2 trillion spending program is meant to increase the nation’s social safety net, fight climate change and push forward other progressive priorities, but Senator Manchin said he does not believe it is entirely helpful and is now worried that it would really make the already increasing inflation in the country even worse.

“I have always stated, ‘If I can’t go and explain it back home, I won’t vote for it.’ Despite my best work, I cannot explain the huge Build Back Better Act within West Virginia and I will not vote to push it forward,” Manchin said in a comment after his interview on Fox News.

The White House started pressuring Manchin in response. But he is still keeping firm in his refusal to support the bill.

The Hill said on Tuesday that Dems plan on pressuring Manchin.

Schumer might have anticipated on his announcement about the vote as a way to show strength, but it is almost positive to backfire.

In a nutshell, Schumer is making it all worse by forcing a vote if the bill is truly doomed to fail. This will weaken the Dems’ position in the U.S. Senate and make the entire party look ineffective, which will really hurt the Democrats running for re-election in competitive swing states who are now vulnerable because of Joe Biden’s failures, ranging from mass-immigration, to covid-19, to the economy.

Author: Scott Dowdy