Chuck Schumer’s Attack On Trump’s Job Report Hilariously Backfires

By Joe Saunders July 3, 2020 | Image Source : Western Journal

They gave him something to cry about.

Patriotic Americans were cheering Thursday with the news that, on the eve of Independence Day weekend, the country’s economy had registered a remarkable 4.8 million jobs in the month of June – almost 2 million more than some analysts’ expectations.

And since “patriotic Americans” manifestly doesn’t include the Democrats of 2020, consumed with an obsession to defeat President Donald Trump’s re-election bid, Senate Minority Leader “Cryin’ Chuck” Schumer wasted no time trying to throw a damper on the celebrations.

But many of the responses on his own Twitter thread gave him a roasting instead.

Even for Trump supporters, the news was startling – where analysts had forecast 3 million jobs created, the number was almost 5 million.

Where economists expected an unemployment rate in the area of 12.5 percent, the report showed 11 percent – still far too high, of course, but headed in the right direction after the disaster of the coronavirus crisis struck in March.

What should be great news for the country, of course, is miserable news for Democrats. And Schumer, who’s earned the nickname “Cryin’ Chuck‘ from Trump for his habit of weeping (questionable) tears over topics like illegal immigration policy, didn’t waste any time trying to live up to the moniker.

That Thursday news wasn’t anywhere near as good as it looked, Schumer claimed in a Twitter post.

“Today’s jobs report may just be a slight peak in a much larger valley, and unless Pres. Trump demonstrates real leadership and the Senate GOP get off their hands and work with Democrats to provide additional federal fiscal relief, the pain America is experiencing will only worsen,” he wrote.

He got the expected agreement from the Democratic Greek chorus on social media, which predicts doom over every development in the Trump presidency, no matter how promising.

But he got roasted by critics, and even a skin as thick as Schumer’s should have felt it.

“Always doom and gloom with you!” one Twitter user wrote.

“Oh wait, it’s bad news for your political agenda. Gotcha,” another commented.

More than a few pointed out that the Democrats need Americans to be unhappy if they’re going to have a chance to dislodge Trump in November.

It’s worth noting that Schumer had pretty much the same reaction to the May jobs report, which showed the economy under Trump once again smashing analysts’ expectations.

Then, analysts expected an unemployment rate as high as 20 percent and 8 million jobs to be lost. Instead, the economy posted gain of 2.5 million jobs and an unemployment rate of 13.5 percent, as CNN must have hated to report.

Schumer’s response was to grouse that it was no time for a “victory lap.”

In one sense he was right (give broken clocks their due).

That was an unemployment rate far too high and there was a long way to go to get the economy back to the roaring level it had seen before the coronavirus crisis, when three years of Trump in the White House had produced record-low unemployment for all Americans, including the African-Americans and Hispanics Democrats claim to care about.

The reality is, the economy is stronger than Democrats will ever give it credit for, and it’s stronger because of the policies of the Trump administration – policies Democrats will reverse if former Vice President Joe Biden is elected in November.

The Sturm und Drang of the past few months notwithstanding, the endless bleating of the Black Lives Matter phonies aside, and despite the relentless antipathy of the mainstream media toward the Trump administration, the American people are likely to see who is really working on their side come November.

And if that happens – if every Trump supporter makes sure that happens – Schumer will really have something to cry about, on the night of Nov. 3, when he hears the words: “We can now project, Donald J. Trump has been re-elected the 45th president of the United States.”

Author: Joe Saunders

Source: Western Journal: ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’s Attempt To Attack Trump’s Big Jobs Report Win Backfires

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