Clinton Advisor Leaks Democrats’ America-Destroying Plot

A former Bill Clinton adviser has warned that America is becoming a “totalitarian state right before our eyes.”

“The government has destroyed businesses, kept us from assembling to worship, as guaranteed by the First Amendment, is taking control of our bodies… which violates the Fourth Amendment, is restricting our freedom of movement… The violations keep going,” feminist leader and adviser on Clinton’s 1996 campaign, Naomi Wolf, said to Tucker Carlson this week.

She said the U.S. is “transforming into a coup situation, a police state” because of lockdowns.

“This is not partisan,” she said. “This transcends everything you and I disagree on. This should bring us together to protect our Constitution.”

She added that what she is witnessing is what she described in her book, when she described the 10 steps “tyrants take when they want to shutdown a democracy.”

“Whether they are liberals or conservatives, they do these same 10 steps,” Wolf said. “And now, we see something I never imagined I would ever see in my life. … It is step 10, and that’s the ending of the rule of law. That’s when you begin to be a police state.”

Wolf denounced the covid shutdowns in 2020, saying she would not have voted for Joe Biden if she knew he supported lockdowns.

“I really hope America wakes up fast,” she said, “because history teaches us that there just a small time period in which citizens can push back before it is too late.”

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