CNN Analyst Blames Trump For The Chaos At The Oscars

Do you remember a game in which everyone involved in the film industry was linked to Kevin Bacon? Name an actor, and you’ll be back with Bacon “in six degrees.” It was a fun and safe game.

The left has its own spin on it, but it isn’t creative or witty, and it doesn’t demand any sophisticated cognitive functioning — merely pathetic. Name an event – anything terrible in the world – and media automatons will connect it to Donald Trump. But the difference now is that there are no more degrees of separation. Everything is now tied

In January 2016, the Washington Post ran a feature called “6 Degrees of Donald Trump” that described his rise. Trump’s bid was regarded as a long shot and even a joke in January 2016. WaPo connected Trump to Clinton and all of the other notable presidential candidates. It was intended as humorous satire because “Trump as president?” What a joke, right?

After that, everything terrible, horrible, or hateful was Trump’s fault; and there was definitely a link to him. The finest example is Jussie Smollett’s alleged attack with a tuna sandwich. Smolleton claimed that he was assaulted by MAGA supporters wearing MAGA hats in the dead of night during a polar vortex.

“This is MAGA country!” they yelled. Except it wasn’t. It was all made up, but not before politicians and the media declared that every link to Trump would be a one-degree separation. It was his fault. Violence against blacks and gays, as well as a gay Black man — it’s all because of Donald Trump.

Last night, anyone watching the Oscars or paying attention to Twitter noticed Will Smith exploding over a joke. He strode on stage and smacked Chris Rock for making a remark about his occasional wife Jada Pinkett. In the context of marriage, it means that if the spouse decides to sleep around and tell everyone in an interview, it isn’t a marriage.

Smith lost his composure after a quip about his wife’s bald head, which she described as “not giving two craps,” according to reports. Smith apparently did care. On a live broadcast, Smith became enraged, striking Rock and then shouting obscenities at him. The crowd was silenced into silence.

Do you know who is to blame for all of this? It wasn’t Pinkett’s fault she was a terrible spouse, Rock’s fault he made a joke, or the guy who beat another man publicly and yelled at him. Nope, it was all Donald Trump’s fault.

On Sunday, Asha Rangappa from CNN may have outdone herself in her absurd online takes.

She tweeted:

Author: Steven Sinclaire