CNN Guest Calls For Extreme Action Against Unvaccinated Americans

A CNN guest who made an appearance on Wednesday demanded extreme action be taken against those who remain unvaccinated

The guest, NYU professor of bioethics Arthur Caplan used his appearance to incite more aggressive action against unvaccinated Americans.

“Look, those of us who have been vaccinated and boosted and everything else, why should we keep making sacrifices when we keep being told the vast majority of people hospitalized now with COVID are the unvaccinated?” CNN’s John Berman asked.

“So, look, first, we’ve got to get the ethical ground back on the side of people doing the right thing, that praise them, that acknowledge that they’re doing the right thing,” Caplan responded.

“When I hear people say our first value is autonomy, and liberty, and I don’t want to get vaxed, and I don’t want to do anything to help my neighbor, or help people who are weak or vulnerable, one of the important things we can do is shift the moral ground. We’ve got to start praising people who do the right thing. Not saying, well, there’s a tradeoff of values. Some people are going to help their neighbor[,] orient toward the community, try to protect one another. And then there are going to be jerks who aren’t going to do that.”

“Let’s get the equation straight. And people may be thinking, well, so what? What difference does it make where we put a moral emphasis? It makes a lot of difference,” Caplan continued.

“Shame, guilt, calling people out when they’re not doing the right thing. I don’t see moral equivalency if you’re not doing the right thing by getting vaccinated, by trying to get tested when you can find the tests, by trying to take precautions when you’re around the weak and the vulnerable.”

Caplan continued, saying Vaccinated Americans should be rewarded with more freedom.

“And then I’ll just add quickly, I think you’ve got to then say we’re going to make life easier for those who vaccinate and tougher for those who won’t do it. More rewards, more freedom, more ability to go to restaurants, go to social events, go to athletic events.”

“We’re going to be talking about COVID this time next year if we don’t get more people to do the right thing,” he later added.

Caplan continued, saying that unvaccinated Americans should not be treated as equals and should be punished by suffering increased financial burdens.

“So we can’t write them off. We can penalize them more. We can say, you’re going to pay more on your hospital bill if you weren’t vaccinated. You can’t get life insurance or disability insurance at affordable rates if you aren’t vaccinated. Those companies should not treat us as equals in terms of what the financial burdens are that that disease imposes.”

So I can think of a number of ways in which we should say, “Here’s the stick, get on board.”

The CNN guest’s comments fall in line with a rhetoric similar to what he have seen coming out of the White House as of late, as President Biden promises a “winter of death” for the unvaccinated.

Author: Jesse Michaels