Coming To America: Globalists Demand People Lower Their Living Standards As They Do This…

A new report written by Paul Joseph Watson from Summit News says that British people are now being told to lower their current living standards as the government spends £4.7 million pounds on giving shelter to refugees staying in luxury hotels.

On Feb. 3, 2022, the Bank of England told its citizens to prepare for a large decrease in living standards.

The Bank says that GDP will go down while interest rates go up. In addition, the Bank states that inflation will go past 7%.

However, as Watson saw, officials revealed the cost was up to four times greater at £4.7 million per day because of a “drafting error.”

In a footage that Watson published, migrants were revealed to have housed in hotels inside trendy resorts.

Because of this housing for migrants in hotels, as Watson says there was an increase of complaints about “aggressive thefts and behaviour, urinating inside elevators and general outright chaos.”

“The U.K. government is now spending around £1.3 billion per year on giving housing to asylum seekers, many of these people arrived in the U.K. through the English Channel in boats last year,” ReMix News said in a report. “That number increases to more than £1.7 billion when Afghan resettlement is calculated into the figures.”

Around 25,000 migrants are now being housed in hotels as temporary housing.

According to U.K. data, just 10 migrants were deported despite 28,000 coming into the country in 2021.

Problems with open borders and mass migration are harming the West. It is the key civilizational issue that is more important than all the rest, which will have huge implications for the future. Undoubtedly, the anti-white ruling class sees the native populaces as disposable. These globalist bigots do everything they can to genocide white people using mass migration and blending.

The post-national idea is only applied to white nations and is the product of a schizophrenic post-WW2 mindset that is fixated on nazis returning. Which sees historic national populations as simple afterthoughts. National and pro-white movements that stress tradition and fighting back are the only groups capable of stopping this globalist con and protecting a large group of people from genocide.

Author: Blake Ambrose