Conservative Reporter Corners Big Tech Companies In Court

In April, Project Veritas leader James O’Keefe issued a lawsuit filed against Twitter after the tech giant removed his account over their excuse — without any evidence — that he was operating numerous fake accounts. Perhaps not surprising, is that they did this when Project Veritas was spreading a video that exposed CNN’s director Charlie Chester.

The lawsuit was issued in a NY state court, which Twitter promptly tried to have moved to a California federal court where their chances for dismissal are much higher given their sway in the state.

To make this happen, Twitter’s attorney, Amer Ahmed, tried to make the case that O’Keefe wanted legal damages, which would allow for the move to California, but O’Keefe had a different agenda in mind as stated by his group:

“Ahmed made the argument that O’Keefe wanted over $75,000 in damages in order to “punish” Twitter, alleging that O’Keefe is seeking money and not justice. Ahmed was certain this would guarantee the move to California.”

“The Twitter lawyer quickly found out that O’Keefe does not put money over the seeking of justice, thereby undermining the foundation of the move to federal court.”

“O’Keefe is seeking the opportunity of doing discovery on Twitter and discovering who are the responsible parties inside the Big Tech company who are involved with the decision to remove his account and giving the defamatory cause for this action.”

Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, along with other executives could be brought into the case and forced to answer for their defamation against O’Keefe. O’Keefe has his sights set higher. He wants to force Twitter executives out and make them answer for their behaviour.

O’Keefe said that they had never been confronted by anybody who did not want money and that the change of events hit them by surprise.

“In court, they didn’t know what to do,” explained O’Keefe.

With the case now back in NY, Twitter has lost its biggest asset in the “dismissal-happy judges in their state” as O’Keefe put it.

O’Keefe then ended by asking why Twitter was so afraid, but hints that they have a lot to be fearful of thanks to some information they have gathered, including more videos.

Author: Blake Ambrose