Conservative Who Got The Best Of Biden Speaks Out

Perhaps the best “Let’s Go, Brandon” troll since the beginning of the phrase occurring. Pres. Joe Biden and his wife Jill were calling kids to wish them a merry Christmas when a dad on one of the calls managed to say “Let’s Go, Brandon” before the phone call was shut down.

Joe Biden repeated it and then said, “I agree,” in what was an awkward moment where he seemed to not be aware of what was occurring. Here is what that looked like if you have not seen it.

An absolute meltdown ensued on the left, with a lot of hypocrites that had no problems uttering obscenities at Pres. Donald Trump suddenly changing into Puritans, decrying the use of the “slur” against Pres. Biden. As I’m typing this, there is already people online trying to attack this man with the obvious intent being to get him terminated from his job and cast out from society.

That is hardly a new task for our intrepid news complex. You might recall the saga of the forklift driver who posted a funny video of Rep. Pelosi. He was identified and attacked. I certainly cannot think of anything less American than trying to ruin a person’s life because he made fun of a politician, but unfortunately, that is the world we live in today.

Regardless, the man that was behind the hilarious exchange is claiming that he meant no disrespect and is attempting explain his position.

“At the end of the day, I don’t have anything against Pres. Biden, but I am a little frustrated because I think he could be doing a better job. But I meant no disrespect to the president.” He stated that he is a “follower of Jesus Christ and free-thinking American,” and doesn’t consider himself to be a Trump fan. “I thought it would be an automated phone conversation. We just had to wait on hold and then they picked up and I started to think, ‘wow, this is actually real,’” Schmeck continued.

That sounds fair enough. But would I have said that to Joe Biden? No, but I am not Jared Schmeck. We all have certain standards when it comes to talking with those in a position of power. With me, I grew up in the South, I try to be a “show respect even when it isn’t due” type of person when I deal with personal interactions. However, the most important thing here is that all Americans should be free to express whatever frustrations they have to political leaders how they see fit, even if it would not be in the way I or others would prefer.

In short, Schmeck should not face any reprisal for making fun of Joe Biden. If that happens, it would represent a hit to free speech. We aren’t always going to see eye to eye on how to meet the issue of decorum, but that still shouldn’t negate the right of a person to meet it as they see fit.

Author: Scott Dowdy