Conservatives Destroy Democrats’ Audit Manipulation In One Move

Officials overseeing the Maricopa County election audit are taking steps to protect their data in response to Democrat attempts to ruin their fraud-finding efforts.

This week, an anonymous person inside the election audit revealed that workers are being asked to sign nondisclosure agreements in order to keep information away out of the hands of third parties. If these workers are asked to give confidential information in court, Cyber Ninjas Inc., the company performing the audit, must be told.

Previously this week, Kelli Ward, the chairwoman of the Arizona GOP Party, also highlighted the security measures which are in place. She stressed “there’s a lot of planning” to make sure the audit is secure.

“It’s a simple process, but it must be done in a secure and professional manner to ensure we get it right,” she said. “And another thing the media and Democrats get wrong and spin: there are nine cameras in this arena… and there are dozens of private cameras centered on the tables.”

The Arizona election audit seems to be very organized as well as color-coded.

Author: Scott Dowdy