Conservatives Put Federal Gun-Grabbers In Their Crosshairs

Any federal agent attempting to enforce gun restrictions will want to think twice before going to Newton County, Missouri, where authorities recently asserted their commitment to protecting gun rights. Under their new law, the sheriff has the ability to arrest anyone trying to enforce anti-gun laws. 

“Newton County declares it will be the duty of law enforcement to guard the rights of citizens to bear arms and that no person, including an officer or employee of this county or any subdivision of this county, can have the ability to enforce federal laws infringing upon the right to keep arms,” the ordinance says.

The ordinance then lists a number of possible gun laws including:

  • Taxes imposed on ammunition and firearms
  • Registering firearms or ammunition
  • Confiscation of firearms or ammunition

Commissioners took into account any future anti-gun legislation currently in the works, whether in Congress or in the White House. That is why the rule says the county will not recognize laws that limit a citizen’s right to bear arms. Such laws would be ruled to be “null and void” in the county. 

The ordinance went into effect as soon as it was passed and signed.

Gun control is one of President Biden’s top priorities. He recently used the anniversary of the Parkland shooting to urge Congress to enact strong anti-gun legislation, including a ban on assault weapons, universal background checks, and a “high-capacity” magazine ban. 

The liberal group March for Our Lives has urged Biden to sign orders on those issues in his first 100 days, something his Press Secretary has said President Biden is currently thinking about.

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