Corrupt Elections Supervisor Finally Gets Justice

Kathy Funk, the supervisor of elections for Genesee County in Michigan, has been put on leave as she is facing a legal trial for felony election tampering.

Funk is charged with 26 counts of malfeasance in office for her time as a Flint Township clerk, when the seal on a group of ballots was damaged during the primary election. The ballots could not be recounted under Michigan state law due to a damaged seal that allegedly occurred as a result of an attempted break-in.

It’s been claimed that Funk staged this scenario on purpose to preserve her seat in office. During the stolen presidential election of 2020, Funk was the official who led elections in Flint Township. She was subsequently elevated to a leadership role over the entire county as a result of this alleged fraud.

As of March 21, John Gleason, the clerk for Genesee County in Michigan, has placed Funk on leave, asking for a “future review of appropriate transitions.” After the Genesee County canvassers board demanded that Funk be removed from her job pending the lawsuit’s outcome.

Funk and her superior after the aftermath of the election, saying that there was no fraud before any proper investigation could take place. We reported on how Funk and her higher-ups paraded about after the election claiming that no fraud took place:

“A vast voter fraud scandal in a miserably Democrat-controlled municipality in Michigan could vindicate those who were harassed for reporting election irregularities in the state.”

“After getting accused of tampering with the absentee ballots to steal an August 2020 election by a small number of votes, the Daily Gazette, a newspaper published in the metropolitan Flint area, has verified that Kathy Funk is under investigation for voter fraud.”

“A warrant request was issued to Genesee County after an investigation by the State Police, and the county prosecutor has already recused himself from the case. On Aug. 2020 primary election night, Funk reported a random break-in at her office in Flint Township, with a canister with absentee ballots conveniently falling to the floor amid the mayhem.”

Author: Scott Dowdy