COVID Relief Bill Stalled Over Payments to Illegals

The COVID-19 relief bill has been halted by Senate Democrats over payments to illegals, while millions of Americans are unemployed and hopeless.

An insider report has said that Democrats are “split” and that “progressives are raging” in their attempt to force more money into the hands of illegals.

Democrats find themselves in a terrible spot.

The economic reality is that we have been approaching an economic death spiral for a long time. And the political reality is that the American people are are in no mood to extend our unsustainable funds to illegals. And the final piece to Democrats’ current disaster is their fat-left progressive wing, which is never happy, also happens to be emboldened and energized by their recent election steal.

Democrats have a choice. They can align themselves with the radical left — and piss off huge parts of the electorate since giving hand-outs to non-taxpayers is very unpopular, even with Democrats who support mass-immigration. 

This would also increase the chances of a financial collapse that would harm Biden’s chances in 2024. 

Or, they can negotiate a more level-headed relief bill with Republicans — and put up with years of crying from the far-left.

No matter which path they choose, there will be few things more entertaining than hot Dem-on-Dem action. Get the popcorn, conservatives — assuming you can still afford some.

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