Cuomo Blasts Trump As a Murderer In Outrageous Statement

Photo Via Reuters / Carlo Allegri

In a Tuesday press conference, New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo made what was potentially his most bizarre claim to date – “Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York.”

Cuomo’s rant against Trump began by him chanting, “Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York. Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York.”

Cuomo who seemed notably flustered went on, “That is a fact. It’s a fact that he admitted and the CDC admitted and Fauci admitted. The China virus, the China virus, the China virus. It was not the China virus. It was the European virus that came to New York. They missed it. They missed it. The China virus went to Europe. It got on a plane. It went to Europe. They never even thought of the possibility. And then three million Europeans got on the plane and came to New York and they brought the virus.”

Cuomo, who’s incompetence has resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers as he gave an order forcing sick patients into nursing homes, continued trying to divert attention away from his personal failures by blaming the president.

“He caused the COVID outbreak in New York. Donald Trump and his incompetent CDC and his incompetent NIH and his incompetent Department of Homeland Security. Department of Homeland Security, we’re going to protect the people of this nation. We’re not going to let the immigrants come across the Southern border. We’re going to create a wall. Why didn’t you stop the virus?”

While clearly putting on some sort of twisted political theatre, Cuomo claimed the President was “playing politics” with the virus.

“They’re playing politics, they don’t want to help Democratic States. They don’t want to help Democratic cities. This is a war on cities: New York City, Portland, Chicago. These are the enemies from the President’s point of view. Look at his tweets. These are the locations and the outposts of the enemies. So don’t provide them any funding, even though we cause the COVID virus. It is an unsustainable position for the federal government.”

The New York governor seems to be referencing the Democrat led states who have been poorly run for decades and are now seeking massive bailouts as part of the next coronavirus stimulus package.

“Either this president will figure it out or the next president will figure it out. If the Congress doesn’t figure it out, there’ll be mayhem in this country, and there will be a different Congress in January. That is my political opinion.”

Cuomo’s entire tirade was full of falsehoods meant to mislead the public. His claim that the president caused the virus in New York is simply absurd especially given the amount of rapid aid the president gave to New York while the governor was failing to handle the outbreak.

The blood of over 6,200 elderly New York residents is on Cuomo’s hands, while some reports indicate that those numbers are multiple times higher and that Cuomo is trying to cover up this mass murder.

Recently, the New York Governor even publicly expressed his opposition to having an independent investigator look into exactly what occurred with the New York nursing home disaster.

With a blatant cover-up going on like this, it’s certainly not surprising that the Democrat would try to cast blame on the president rather than simply accept his fate.

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