Cuomo Gets What He Deserves From House GOP

New York Rep. Elise Stefanik has led a group of GOP members to request that the DOJ subpoena Governor Cuomo along with everyone in his office over the huge nursing home crisis they caused.

Thousands of nursing home deaths came after Cuomo sent sick people into these homes. But more than that, a new report from New York Attorney General Letitia James reveals the fact that these deaths were undercounted by around 50%.

After that information came out, 7 House Republicans decided to take action, and now they’re bringing in the DOJ.

“My fellow New York Republicans and I have sent a message to the DOJ requesting subpoenas for Governor Cuomo, his Secretary, the Health Commissioner and his staff for ALL documents relating to their nursing home rules,” tweeted Representative Stefanik.

“The people of New York deserve JUSTICE be done!,” she said.

Here is an excerpts from the letter:

“We are also thankful to NY State Attorney General Letitia James for exposing the level of Governor Cuomo’s mismanagement, but the people of New York deserve better transparency and accountability. We want the truth about Governor Cuomo’s coverup.”

According to the NY Post, Cuomo responded with a silly response to this very serious matter:

“It’s not surprising this Trump puppet and her treasonous gang want to talk about anything other than the Capitol Hill insurrection that they helped start and resulted in the death of a police officer. It’s a simple ploy and we see right through it. Maybe we need to look into what she and other Trump enablers knew about the organizing of this riot,”

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